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 Bofors gun 40 mm


In August 2006 we went to the UK looking for 40 mm Bofors guns. We found thru the internet a guy who had some for sale. The deal was make firm and then the paper work started. In Holland you need a firearm licence to posses and carry a firearm. Also an import licence from the custom is required which in total took 10 weeks to process. After that we found out we also need an export licence form the department of trade and industry and the military. Finally when all the document where finished we could collect the guns and March 16, 2007 it was D-day. A Landover and a heavy trailer did the job. We end up buying two Bofors one will go on the mount on the rear deck and de second one will be build on a new mounting on the fore deck.  One is build in 1946 by OFE Canada and the other one in 1943 by OTIS USA


As found in a farm field

Which one will it be

A lot of rust but it looks like it nearly complete .

A new coat of paint and these are as new

Loading  by using the Nabors 4x4 forklift

Heavy armed Landover

Total weight approx 2500 kg

Back home, ready to unload

loading on board

Second one

This one is fitted on the original mounting

Does it still work?

Cleaned and repainted  on it's new mounting

The barrel nice black painted and installed makes it look like a serious gun