Restoration projects

On this page you can find all kinds of restoration projects done or in progress. A lot of work still need to be done due the lack off maintenance of the past 25 year. Basically we started at the hull and next deck and superstructure.


Done or in process


Hull repainting

Ammostore forward

Forward entrance

Bow truster

Chain guide Deck repainting Rear entrance Bofors 40 mm Engineroom escape
Depth charge crane Ventilation Forward escape Engineroom vent 1 Bollards
Railing Ammo crame bow Ammo store hatch Lettering Steering gear hatch
Door bridge Port Workshop      
To be done




Brigde door Depth charge store Mast Depth charge rack 20 mm oerlikon
K-gun Brigde wings Engineroom vent 2 Engineroom vent 3 Depth charge hatch

Workshop hatch




Engineroom vent 4