History of the P641

 1978 to 2001

1953 to 1978 2001 to present



At the scrapyard, Rotterdam The Netherlands
Sister vessel L'Opiniatre to her right


One deck hatch opened to remove both forward main engines


Starboard forward main engine lifted out



Under tow  from Rotterdam to Haarlem to start a second live as home  for the local boy scouts



Side by side to the wooden mine sweeper Putten.



Side by side to the wooden mine sweeper Putten.



Le Fougueux in thick ice



One of the main engines out of L'Opiniatre rescued  from the scrap man and used as spare parts. Also the original winch and anchor chain and anchor where salvaged.



Arial  view, In dry dock at the Stapel shipyard Spaarndam



In Dry dock, workforce is ready to start the paint job



A little tug is needs to push the ship round  is this small harbour




In heavy weather on the North Sea


Water on deck



Some times the props surfaced 



Diving into a big wave when leaving the port of IJmuiden



The French navy paid a visit in Amsterdam and Le Fougueux showed up as guest. Heavy complaints from the French navy about the original pennant P641.  Eventually P641 was  change to PW641.
Prins Willem is the name of the boy scouts



In Amsterdam  surrounded by old friends



Sailing in the outer harbour in IJmuiden heading for sea



Just entered the Docks in Spaarndam to transit from Spaarne to Zijkanaal C  leading to North Sea canal



This Picture was taken in Hull, UK  1995





And again history repeats Le Fougueux is going to
be replaced by the much larger Naaldwijk.