Sister vessels

Here you can select Le Fougueux sister vessels of the French navy ( Marine National) showing picture and vessel data. These are all build post war in France and used as patrol vessels. During de 50's and 60's all WW2 US build PC were returned to the USN or scrapped and replace by the new build.

Only three ship where build according to the US drawings and under a US building program. All of these vessels has been scrapped or sunk as target. The last one to go was Le Frigant in 1998.

In the 50's there was also ships build in France for other countries PC1613 to PC1618 also under a US building program. The list is only for PC build in France

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Le Fougueux Class      



P643 (PC1611) L'Agile

P642 (PC1612 ) L'Opiniatre

PC 1613

PC 1614

PC 1615

PC 1616

PC 1617

PC 1618

L'Adroit Class      

P644 L'Adroit

P635 L'Ardente 

P637 L'Etourdi

P638 L'Effronte

P639 Le Frondeur

P640 Le Fringant

P648 Le Hardi

P630 L'Intrepide


P645 L'Alerte

P646 L'Attentif

P647 L'Enjoue