See below how are helping us out to make it possible to save Le Fougueux and secure her
for the future.  And all other not mentioned sponsors and volunteers to make it all possible.
If you like to sponsor this project please let us know by email.




Thank to the Touareg rally of the PON company


Stolk's Handelonderneming, supplier of all kind of second hand
ship parts, steel and new watertight doors, covers


Notaris Van Leusden, 
Getting legal status for the foundation


Jense Reclame sponsor of ship name stickers



Boele BV,
Construction and machine shop


Gepke 3
Towing company Verschoor 


Towing company Verschoor 


Renting out our current mooring


Supplier of paint

The company specialises in the manufacture and production of pipe work


Van Vliet & Zoon, H.I.Ambacht
Shipyard and machine shop


Werf Alblasserdam,
 Docking 2002