Submarine chasing and fighting gear




To find a submarine sonar is used. In the early day's is was better known as ASDIC (Anti-submarine Detection Investigation Committee)

The ASDIC, known to the Americans as Sonar, was basically a transmitter-receiver sending out a highly directional sound wave through the water. If the sound wave struck a submerged object it was reflected back and picked up by the receiver. The length of the time from transmission until the echo was received was used to measure the range, which was shown as a flickering light on the range scale. By mounting the transmitter head so that it could be directed almost like a searchlight, the bearing of the target could be read from the compass receiver.


To attack a submarine the ship was equipped  on the rear by Depth charges. Depth charges are rolled of the stern. Depth charge will explode at a pre-set depth. ( water pressure)





And K-Guns on 4 places each side of the vessel. K-guns uses the same type of
depth charge as the stern racks only are fired side way to widen the attack area.




On the bow a hedgehog was fitted. 24 small "rockets" could be fired at the same time to make a grit ahead of the ship. A hedgehog will only explode by contact .


One hedgehog


To protect  the ship from attacking aircrafts 2x 20 mm single Oerlikon where fitted on top of the superstructure. The one shown above is a double barrel Oerlikon


Port site Oerlikon on board L`Agile