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Engine room Auxiliary room Long room Steering gear Supply room Mess room 1 Mess room 2
Kitchen Rear living quarter Acc. forward below Off. acc. Portside Bridge Chain room Acc. Starboard
Ammunition store Captain's cabin Workshop     2 officers cabin Single officer cabin


Engine room Engine room Generator room Generator room Long room Steering gear Steering gear Supply room Supply room Mess room Mess room Mess room 2 Kitchen Bridge Chain room Rear living quartes Rear living quarters Chain room Forward below accomodation Accomodation Port side Accomodation Starboard side Ammunition store Ammunition store Ammunition store Ammonition store Captain's cabin Cabin for 2 Officers Cabin for 2 Officers Single officer cabin Single officer cabin Forward accomodation Forward accomodation Accomodation Starboard side Toilets and showers Toilets and showers Toilets and showers Fuel bunker Fuel bunker Fresh water bunker Bowtruster