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Engine room


Control  and operation panel. This is located at the forward engine room bulkhead.
Two engine operators will follow-up order passed thru the telegraphs


The panel contains gauges for star  ting air pressure, oil pressure,
boost pressure, cooling water pressure and seawater pressure.


Port engine running at low idle in reverse rotation. at just 450 rpm
The gearbox is disconnected as the red indicator is on  ( Debreye)


Starboard telegraph `Martini´


Starboard rear engine.

Original 4 main engines but two still remain today.
Build by Pielstick in France in 1952. 14  cylinders in V configuration  type
4 stroke turbocharged producing 694 kW ( 960 hp ) @ 1200 rpm one
single turbo ABB VTR250.


Port side rear engine


Looking aft

Per shaft one gearbox. Both engines were connected on each side of the
gearbox . Each gearbox has a 6:1 ration and two hydraulic clutches. 
To change direction of the prop shaft was done by selecting the correct engine


A few on Port side just between the gearbox ( on the left ) and the hull ( on the right hand  looking to the rear) Here are located 2 starting air compressors, gearbox oil filters, spare gearbox oil pump and the dinking water pressure tank and -pump .


Standing between both engines and looking forward. The Port  exhaust is shown
The door in the forward engine room bulkhead is leading to the aux. engine room.


Port engine showing last two cylinders, turbo and the gearbox


Port engine close-up


Starboard engine (looking to rear engine room bulkhead) on the right and the fuel
transfer pump on the left.


Looking to Starboard. A 30 bar air-cool compressor and a dynamic converter
( 115 VDC to 115 VAC 60Hz)