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Trip Haarlem to IJmuiden
 April 12, 2001



This trip was our first one after we purchased the vessel in January 2001.  Our home voyage  was in 3 stages. The first leg was from it previous berth in Haarlem to IJmuiden. We have to pass the A9 motorway bridge. This bridge only opens twice a day, at 1200 pm and at 08.00 pm .


Forward mooring line loose


Engine room personnel in action


Just a push to free both ships




The little tug Hector to assist departing


Leaving the The Naaldwijk behind


Thick black smoke form the Starboard engine


Entering the dock in Spaarndam to transit to IJmuiden



Leaving the dock in Spaarndam


Passing the A9 motorway bridge


End of the first part of this trip. Haring harbour IJmuiden