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Original the ASDIC  was located here.
The under water detection gear could be lowered here to go hunting for subs.
The new bowtruster needs more space so the foundation ring has to go.


All steel removed to make room


The left over goes to the scrap man


Start of the construction of the new


The cutting torch  is used to model the pre-shaped section


110 cm in diameter will give  room for the prop 




A large flange is bolted to get is water tight until the compete bowtruster can be fitted.


While we were at the slip way the hull was cut away to make asses 



Ready to lower the fuel tank


Lowering  the fuel tank. This was done while the forward escape was renewed.


A snap shot from the Bowtruster room to the diesel engine. A shaft is connected to the diesel.
 A 90 kW 4 cylinder Caterpillar power will drive it


Fuel tank installed


The power will come from this engine