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Auxiliary engine room


The auxiliary engine room houses the electric power plant and switch gear. This picture shows the switch gear where the electrical load is going into the main power supply. We have two gen-set each can be switched on the main board but also both at the same time. As we have direct current we don't to syngronise


Starboard aux engine.
One of two 2 stroke 6 cylinders. GM 671 running at approx 1200 rpm
and producing max 60 kW @115 Volts direct current


Starboard aux. engine. Both engine date back to WW2  and are reused engines from a tank.


Starboard aux. engine


Port aux. engine


Port aux. generator 


Port engine. In the back ground one of the general duty pumps


One of the two general duty water pumps (electric motor on top) and can be used to  pump water to
and from each compartment and fire fighting