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Alblasserdam may 2002.  The day before


On it way up 


Nearly there


To remove all rust we used needle guns . About 1 meter high (50 cm above the water) was done
all the way to bare metal. Here a new layer of black paint  to finish it off .


Her you can clearly see that the props shafts have an extra barring in the rudder mounting. To remove the props the shaft needs to move forward. The next time we will be in the Drydock the props will be
reset since the we are missing 2 of it's four original main engines



53 meter long and a draft of 2,5 to 3 meters a lot of paint was necessary and a army of worker.
 In total 350 kg  paint was needed


On the yard. Motor tug Argus ,owned by Stolk, also on the slipway.
Click here for more details of MT Argus


On the wooden blocks, its home for 3 weeks.
We needed to rotate the prop's to make sure they didn't hid the concrete.
When one blade is vertical down it's 90 cm below the keel.
Diameter 2,2 meter and a pitch of 2 m. Max. rpm will be 250 to 300  .
We still need a sponsor willing to do this job for us


New steel plates were needed including some frames.



Work nearly finished